February 13, 2013

Homemade Fried Chicken {Recipe}

Last week Stephen and me went to a friends house for dinner where we ate fried chicken fingers. They were good, but it got me craving some really good homemade chicken fingers. Does that ever happen to you? You eat a good meal but think about they ways you can improve it and really start craving it? Well, it definitely was on my mind.
My Mother in law makes the most delicious homemade chicken fingers, so I had her email me the recipe and BAM- a new yummy meal to serve instead of the 5 things I normally make - and my craving was satisfied.

I was intimated at first, thinking this was going to be an over the top tough meal to make, but it was easy and quick. My recipe feeds 2 people but you can easily add to it to feed lots more or have it for leftovers.

WARNING: This is super unhealthy. Seriously - its coated in oil. But, so gooooooooooood!

1. 1 pound Chicken (not frozen)
2. 1 tbsp Onion powder
3. 1 tbsp Garlic powder
4. 1 cup Flour
5. 1 tsp. Salt
6. 1 tsp. Pepper
7. 1 cup Buttermilk ( I used cream)
8. 1/2 cup Oil (I used Canola)


1. Cut up the raw chicken in to small strips or bite size pieces.
2. Place the raw chicken in a bowl of cream until it covers all the chicken. Let it sit in the frig for a couple of hours.
3. Mix, garlic, onion powder, salt, pepper and flour together.
4. Coat the chicken in the dry mixture.
5.  Add the oil to a pan and set the heat on medium/high.
6. Place the chicken  in the pan.
7. Flip the chicken over when it looks done.
8. Dab off the excess oil.
9. Eat and enjoy!

We added honey, chipotle sauce and ketchup to our chicken fingers.


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  1. YUM!! We use our fry daddy when we cook up our chicken strips, but it always takes me back to my younger days when mom would make the entire house smell so yummy with them cooking. And to this day, she still makes them better than me! =) I'll have to try this recipe out!

    1. It turned out really well Joy! Yes, please try it and let me know how it goes:)

  2. YUM! That looks absolutely delicious! I will be adding this to my recipe collection.

    Btw, Whitney sent me! :)

  3. Pinning this now! It looks delicious! Of course, most fried foods are delicious! :)

  4. Oh gosh, that looks delicious! Makes me hungry!

  5. You're right....this does make me crave some fried chicken! Tell your mother-in-law thanks for the recipe! Can't wait to try this!

  6. Looks and sounds yum. Stopping by from Sippy Cups and Pearls!


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