February 19, 2013

First Things First # 7

First Things First

Link up time again!
1. First thing you do at the gym:
BAHAHA, gym? Are you for realz? Yea, I don't visit that place. 

2. First date with your current significant other:
Well, we kind of disagree on this one actually. I claim our first real date was a lunch at Newk's. If he bought, its a date. 
His claim was it was later that week when he took me to dinner at a local Cajun restaurant and to see the Social Network afterward.
Whatever it was, we seemed to work out fine in the end. 

3. First email address:
I don't really remember besides it being with AOL.com. It was probably something extremely stupid though - like Iheartjustintimberlake or something. Come on, you know you loved love him too. ;)

Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday!
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  1. Well, whatever your first date was, obviously it worked out great! And oh girl!! I also talked about AOL from back in the day, and even remarked about silly names like "MrsTimberlake88" -- too funny!! So similar :)

  2. Fun post :)


  3. This is too funny! And is it sad that I still have my old aol email account. Sadly, my mom still using aol, and mine was the "master" account so we can't delete it! HA!

  4. What a fun idea for a post! I just found you (and started following) from Wednesday's Hump Day Hop :-)

    ~ Alanna


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