February 5, 2013

First Things First #5

First Things First

This weeks addition of First Things First  link up with Halie and Hallie brought back some fun memories.
The deal for this link up- there is a  different "firsts" every week.
 It will be awkward, funny, weird, random and embarrassing firsts.

The Questions:

1. First trip out of the country
I went to Europe right after I graduated college with a good friend, Rebecca. We went through our university, so a bunch of recent graduates went too. We went to London, Paris and Rome. Seriously, best trip of my life (besides my honeymoon)!!
I had always wanted to go overseas and am so thankful for that opportunity. We spent two weeks traveling. It was hard to leave - I've since been back to England but really would like to go all over again. All I have to do is convince my hubs, ha!

2. First major purchase on your own
Its funny, but my bed. I had saved and saved and wanted this gorgeous bed from Kincaid. I was dating Stephen at the time and he thought I was nuts. I am so proud of that bed  and love it! I have no regretted it once. 

3. First thing you learned to cook
Does boiling water count? I think Chocolate chip cookies was the first real item I did by myself - and no, they weren't the break and bake kind. :) I followed the recipe on the Toll House chocolate chips bag - and probably had some supervision when making them. 

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  1. I am totally jealous that you went to Europe! Maybe one day. I like the break and bake kind strictly for eating portioned size cookie dough. Yum. I haven't done that in a long time!!

  2. I cannot wait to visit Europe, it's like my DREAM! I am so jealous! :):)

  3. The phone box makes me feel so homesick (I am from England but living in Canada right now).

    Kate x

  4. I'm jealous of your trip to Europe! I've never been but I want to go soo bad! Hopefully one day I'll get the chance. And I have a confession about my thought process this morning -- "What am I going to blog about today? I don't have anything specific to write about right now. What about my list of ideas I have saved up? Nope, those don't sound interesting today. I'll just scroll through my dashboard and see if I get inspired. OH CRAP! Today is my link-up! Oh, and Clara already posted hers... So that's probably what I need to write about..."

    hahah, thanks for being so on top of it, and reminding me too! And thanks for linking up with us as usual ;)

    1. Halie! I just rolled over laughing! I'm glad my post helped remind you about your linkup! I really enjoy writing these posts and LOVE reading everyone elses. Its good to know I wasn't the only one who was a nerdy kid, awkward and such! Love you dear:)


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