February 26, 2013

First Things First #8

First Things First

It's Tuesday, so you know what that means....

The questions:

1. First breakfast of choice
Of choice? Hmm, anyone remember the Rice Krispy Treat cereal? My grandmother used to give me that stuff (she would buy each grandchild their favorite cereal and keep her pantry stocked with it) and I would DEVOUR it. I absolutely wouldn't share it with anyone. It was mine, hands off losers. This stuff would send my blood pressure through the roof if I ate it now. Breakfast of champions yall. 

2. First dessert of choice
I like dessert a lot, so this was tough to answer but I'm going to have to go with Cadbury chocolate. The real chocolate from England, not the fake Hershey version at the grocery store or CVS. The amazing $6.00 bar from World Market because that's the only place in the States that carries it, or from a friend who mails it overseas for you from England (that's what I do).  What is better than a dessert on the go? It goes with everything and goes anywhere. Its rich, creamy and always, always appreciated on the one rough week out of the month. ;)

3. First beverage of choice
A cold glass of milk. BUT,  if you mean alcohol, I am not  really a fan but can stand to drink some cheap Riesling.

Thanks Hallie and Halie for this linkup!

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  1. I don't remember that exact cereal, but I sure do remember some crazy (crazy sugary) ones that I loved back in the day too! Sooo good. But I think I would instantly gain 5 pounds from eating that much sugar in one meal these days... unfortunately, or else I would totally eat it!

  2. Now I really want to go to World Market and try a Cadbury Milk chocolate bar! I loved that cereal too as a kid! So yummy!:)

  3. one of my guys friend's fave candy bar is mars bars and again, world market is the ONLY place i know that sells it...for $1.49 per bar it's worth it, vs. shipping fees from England lol. I love sweets too--dark choco, ice cream, cheesecake, croissants--yum!!


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