March 15, 2013

Clara - from A to Z

Hello fellow bloggers!
I'm so glad its Friday and the weekend is here! I wanted to share with you a little about me since I have some new fabulous followers. I saw this idea on my friend Kalyn's page and thought it was a great idea!

You might be slightly ready to go ahead and close out this page, but don't - we might have something in common you didn't know we had!  

A: Available or Married?
My hubby and I just celebrated this past Sunday one year of marriage! 

B: Book? 
I am currently reading The Power of a Prayerful wife by Stormie Omartian. It's a incredible book helping to pray for his spiritual walk, emtions, role as husband and more. 

C: Cake or Pie? 
Bah, really? Cake baby...chocolate. Why do you think I'm on a diet?!

D: Drink of Choice? 
I love tea - green tea, sweet tea, any tea. I have at least one cup of tea a day. 

E: Essential Item?
Hand sanitizer. I have it in the car, next to my bed, in my purse..everywhere.  The older I get, the more concerned about germs I get. Who knows how I will be when i'm 50!

F: Favorite Color?
I like blue and green equally I think. I'm not a pink girl even though Im a girly girl. Huh. 

G: Game to Play or Watch? 
I love my some Auburn football!  Im not athletic so  watching is much more enjoyable than playing. 

H: Hometown?
Mobile, Alabama baby! I love Mobile and so glad to have grown up there. I moved away when I went to college, came home for 6 months after graduation, then moved to Birmingham where I have been a 3 1/2 years.   

I: Indulgence?
Dresses. I love dresses. I have mentioned in the past that I love Jolie and Elizabeth.  I own four of their dresses now and want  

J: Job Title
Stay at home wife. I quit my job back in January and have since been enjoying babysitting and living life. 

K: Kids and Names?
No, not yet but fingers crossed in the next year! We already picked out names for girls and are weary on the boys names. Guess we will see when they come along :)

L: Life is Incomplete Without?
My adorable hubby. The macaroni to my cheese. The milk to my cookies.  The Tom to my Jerry. You get it.
M: Music Group?
With all my heart I love Mumford and Sons. I could (and do) listen to them all day long!! I just started with The Lumineers are my newest obsession. I am loving them to pieces:)

N: Number of Siblings?
I have 3 siblings. I am the youngest of four and adore them.  My oldest is Kami, then Justin, Nathan and me. Kami and her family live in the same city, Justin and his family live in Opelika and Nay Nay in Mobile. 

O: Oranges or Apples? 
Apples - cause you can add peanut butter. :)

P: Phobias/Fears?
Rodents, snakes, the dark and deep water. 

Q: Quote?
In high school we had to put our favorite quote in the year book and I put in a quote from the Bible and Clueless. Two opposites, right? Today, I'm going to go with ...

R: Reason To Smile?
There are so many reasons to smile. The Lord who reigns over all is my complete joy. The gift of family, friends, health, life. 

S: Season? 
I love fall when the leaves begin to change colors from green to red and orange. Jackets and sweaters are the coolest. 

T: Tattoos? 
No thanks. I'm afraid of needles and don't want something permanently on my body. 

U: Unknown Fact About Me? 
I always put my left contact in before my right. Always. I thought about changing it up, but couldnt do it.   

V: Vegetable You Love?
I love most veggies - I can even handle brussel sprouts. I think numero uno would be green beans. I feel like its a nice veggie and goes well with all foods. 

W: Worst Habits?
Sleeping in past my alarm, getting OCD about a clean house, biting my nails.

X: X-Rays? 
I have had them at the doctor and dentist, but not for anything major. 

Y: Yummy Food?
I LOVE shrimp, lobster, Talapia, crawfish, crab...that comes with growing up near the water. I am not a big fan of beef. I love pastas and basically anything full of carbs. Bread is my favorite - all types. 
Z: Zoo Favorites? 

I love the Tigers! They are scary but awesome!
I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little from A to Z. Cheesy I know, but I had fun and want to learn yours! Send me a message so I can "meet" you and hear your story!

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  1. I prefer to call myself a housewife. And it's cute that you and your siblings all live in Alabama.

  2. I think we are related! War Damn Eagle by the way. I haven't found many other Auburn fans in the blogging world yet. And I am OBSESSED with Mumford and Sons. Their new album is so freaking good. The Lumineers is also a fav of mine too. They are playing a festival in May here in Atlanta that I am thinking of going to. Oh they are just so good! I also love brussel sprouts. I used to HATE them, but they really are so!

  3. Just thought I would drop in to say hello. I grew up (and still live in) Mobile, Alabama also. Small world.

  4. i LOVE that wedding photo of you two! and i like mumford and sons and LOVE the lumineers. I recommened: drew holcomb & the neighbors "goodlight" & "tennessee". I can't stand brussel sprouts haha. I love green beans, asparagus and brocolli and good ol lettuc/romaine salad as my greens.


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