March 11, 2013

Guest posting at From Here to There blog AND Coffee & Conversation

Come say hi to my Mississippi gal pal Heather at From Here to There. Heather and I have now officially hung out together two times and I'm not joking when I say I love this lady!!!

I am guest posting for her today and its all about meal planning! If you have trouble making lunches everyday and end up eating out spending more money than you want, here is a simple solution....

Last week started Coffee & Conversation with two of my other dear friends, Lauren and Kalyn. I am linking up with them again this week...

Coffee & Conversation

What is one of the most valuable lessons you have learned this year so far?

This might not make sense, but I have a horrible tendency to want to do everything that comes my way - whether volunteering for something, going out of my way to please lots of people, etc. When I take on the world, I accidentally hurt or leave others in the mud. I can't continue to stretch myself so thin that I don't have time for those relationships that are most important to me.

 Didn't Jesus himself pour into only 12? And each of those 12 pour into a small group of others?

So why on earth do I think I should always be at the side of a million people?

Our bible study group talks about it often - live life together, share joys and sorrows with each other, and invest in each others lives. I don't want to be a surface level friend to these 12/14 people I spend each Monday with and not see or hear from them til the next Monday because I'm so busy doing a million other things for a million others.

I'm not saying I can only share life with these twelve or ten or fifteen, but what I am saying is I am learning to invest in those lives, build our relationships, encourage them in their marriages, walk with God, pray fervently for them, and just grab lunch with them to catch up on life.

They too, will pour into others and the cup with overflow with God's goodness and grace. I don't have to give everything to all the people I'm friends with on Facebook or have their number in my phone, but for those God has given me a relationship with, why don't I pour into them so they can pour into others?

Its a good lesson to learn.
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  1. Clara, I am in awe of this lesson!! Something so awakening for me! I iwsh I lived near you so I could join your bible study group!!

    I'm glad I found the Coffee & Conversation get together! I look forward to each person's responses!!

    I'll be following you so that I can keep up with your conversations!!!

    Kate @ Uniquely Undone

  2. Such a great reminder Clara. Thanks for sharing & linking up!

  3. I loved your tips {just in case you were wondering again haha} :)

  4. Thanks for linking up with Coffee and Conversation! We appreciate your support and love in this community :) I adore your heart! It seems like you are not the only person who talked on this subject Monday!


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