March 22, 2013

Revolting (diet and exercise)

Sup peeps?
Today starts the weekend, yay! Tomorrow we leave for Maui and I.CAN'T. WAIT. :) Sunshine, hot weather, beach, here I come. 

I'm going to give you a recap of my second full week on Revolt, the healthy eating and fitness program Stephen and I started following. We started this program to be healthier all around, not just lose weight, but gain muscle and stop eating foods that are bad for our bodies. You can check out the start of the program here and our first week here

The second week eating plan was WAY better than the detox week. We actually got to diversity our food. We added fish (which we both love), more veggies and fruit! 

The workouts got more intense too, which I actually really enjoyed. I felt like I was starting to push my muscle to start shaping up and that made me feel good. I like a good workout where I sweat and walk away hurting. (muscles here I come)

On Wednesday, I headed out of town to visit my sister in law and nieces' while my brother was out of town for work. I really didn't want to fall off the wagon, so I precooked all my meals and took them with me. Thankfully, my sister in law was so supportive on helping me stay on track. I didn't get to do 2 days of the exercise plan, but we did walk a couple of miles one of the days and she ate the same stuff I ate (because lets be honest, seeing different foods makes me want something sweet). I only cheated a tiny bit with bagel chips and a little cream cheese. 

Saturday we didn't do the workout for the day, BUT we helped move friends from their apartment to a new house, so we got fresh air and worked our muscles! 

So far, it hasn't been too tough to eat well, but on our "free" day, we might have gone a little overboard - eating out for lunch (pizza) and a wedding shower (lemonade, tea, cheese, pork, dips, banana pudding).

Thankfully, I didn't gain as much water weight as last week and it seemed to come off a lot quicker too. Before free day, I weighted myself and I was sitting at 133.8! That's a total weight loss of 2.2 pounds in 2 weeks. I tried to weight myself this morning again, but sadly our batteries in the scale are dead. Maybe sometimes its better not to know anyway. 

Next week will be difficult though as we will be on vacation. We plan to do a lot of physical activities - hiking, swimming, zip lining, etc. so we wont follow our workout chips, but we will be getting plenty of exercise - I just wont be doing push ups. :) We will try to eat smart for the most part, but we plan on having a nice meal out once a day, soooooo I'm hoping I just maintain. 

Here's to continued progress and healthy living!

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