March 5, 2013

First Things First #9

Happy Tuesday all! Hope everyone had a great start back to their week. I'm linking up with Halie from Penguins  Pasta & Polka Dots for this weeks First Things First! This is the 9th week I've joined in and I  have heard some great firsts and made lots of great new friends through this linkup. So enjoy and come join in!

1. First speeding ticket or traffic accident
My first speeding ticket happened freshman year of college on my way home to my parents. We had just watched the Iron Bowl (Big rivalry, Auburn vs Alabama)  on Friday and I got up super early Saturday to head home. I was tired, had started to get sick and ready to see my Mom and Dad. Sadly, I had made it about 45 minutes away from Auburn when I needed to pull over to get sick (no, I was not drunk, but running a fever and sick sick). When I was getting back on the interstate, I was trying to get up to speed with traffic and got pulled over. I know of two other close friends that day who got tickets. It was a bad day to be a driver, great day to be a cop. :(

2. First BIG accomplishment you're proud of
My first BIG accomplishment was being chosen to sing in the choir for All-State music. I was in early high school and auditioned. I was actually sick this time around too, but determined to make the choir. My Mom even ran to the store to get meds while I was waiting to audition. I walked out afterward and prayed I would get it. Then, I got the letter. I made it! I practiced my music for a couple of weeks then traveled to Birmingham (where I live with my hubs now) from my hometown to sing. It was a great 4 days of practicing with other people who loved to sing as well. 

3. First thing you usually reach for in the fridge
I love milk or cheese - so I usually reach for those two items. If we are out of string cheese, I go for the milk, but reverse it if there isn't any cheese and I want milk. I can't live without dairy!!

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  1. Ughhh...speeding tickets are the worst. I would have been so upset if I got one, on top of being super sick too! That's awful :( Soo glad you play along and link up every single week!

  2. My first speeding ticket was just a few months ago. It was outside of a school that literally looks like a prison. No windows, an all concrete building and there was not school zone sign because it had recently been blown over in a famous OK wind storm. I was furious and crying and was just getting over laryngitis. The cop asked for my license and that good jazz, I gave it to him and said something in my raspy sickly voice and he immediately said "what is wrong with your voice?!" in a really nasty tone. Needless to say I showed up to work balling my eyes out and with a huge speeding in a school zone fine. :(

    And dairy is one of my go-to snacks too. Have you tried the mini-babybell cheeses? I love the Mozzarella, perfect size and tastes awesome!

  3. Congrats on the choir! You've made me nostalgic from my days of HS choir....I so want to sing again.

    And yes, cheese is a lovely thing.


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