March 14, 2013

March Blate

This past week we had our second blate (blogger + date) and my friend Joy from The Sowell Life was sweet enough to host and make us an amazing meal! 

Last month, a bunch of Alabama bloggers and 1 Mississippi gal got together to chat about blogs, love and life. Check out our first blate in February here. All of us girls who met last month have been in constant communication - we email almost daily and I love knowing these bloggers I follow in real life.  We truly have become amazing friends and I am thankful I have such incredible girls in Alabama!

Anyway, this month Joy offered to do the blate at her home. She had her husband cooked up a delicious meal of grilled chicken, salad, spicy dip and pitas and Whoopie Pies! 

The other ladies brought Spinach dip, Cake batter dip and spicy cream cheese crescent rolls. I brought some Emi-Jay inspired hair ties for the girls. 

We sat down at the dinner table and chatted about families, husbands, boyfriends and laughed a lot. We moved to the couches for dessert and more conversation. I think we talked for 3 straight hours. It was like we had known each other for years!

 Of course took some pictures with adorable Shamrock glasses. Mine and Lauren's even lit up!

I can't wait til next month to see these ladies next month. I love you all!

I highly recommend you doing a blate! Email/Twitter out to see who is around you and meet up. It's so worth your time!

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  1. I enjoyed having everyone over. And know that my home is open to host anytime! We love it! Can't wait til next month!! Love you!

  2. This looks like so much fun!!! One of my carabox matches and I are hoping to get together this summer when we realized that we will be in the same area and I am looking forward to it!! :)
    Rebecca :)

  3. How fun! What a great idea. Thanks for Sharing.
    The How to Guru

  4. I had so much fun! Can't wait until next time!!!


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