March 6, 2013

We're starting our Revolt

With a new year, comes new changes. 
This March, Stephen and I are starting something new - a better, healthier lifestyle. Normally, we go back and forth between eating really well and not so good foods. 
Well, I'm tired of all the crap. We want to change our lifestyle, not just temporary fixes. By most, I'm considered skinny. I am 5'8 and weight around 135, but I have NO muscle and DON'T exercise. I don't want to by skinny, I want to be healthy. Same with my hubs - we want him to be healthy and fit - because one day we will have kids and we want to keep up with them and be healthy/fit for them too. 

This week, Stephen and I started the Revolt Fitness Program. 
What is Revolt? In a nut shell, its a combination of meal plans and work outs that are geared towards building muscle, becoming lean and eating healthy. 

Each week, we get videos to accompany our workouts and meal plans to follow. We follow these 6 days out of the week and get a freebie day on Saturday. Our meal plans are easy to follow and delicious. They make it simple by having one meal plan a week, and following it all week. It's simple and I feel like we can follow it well. 

We also have a list of foods we shouldn't eat. We are knocking out the processed foods and junk, and going to eat smart. Below is the food were knocking out of our pantry. 
White Flour
Bread & Baked goods
Pasta of any kind
Corn and corn products
White Rice other than approved
Rice Cakes (except for Post
Workout, if on diet)
Sugared cereals
Fruit Juices
Bananas & dried fruits (unless
on meal plan)
Anything made of flour, sugar,
potatoes, corn, corn syrup, etc

Seems like a tough list to follow, but I think this will be easier than I think because we WANT to be healthier.
 There are also substitute foods I can eat as week. For example, this week we are eating a lot of skinless chicken, but I can substitute with salmon or turkey breasts. It even gives me the ration of chicken to salmon I can have for my portion control. Pretty sweet. 

I know at times, this is going to be really tough - were about to have our 1 year anniversary, were going to Maui on vacation, I am going out of town to see my brothers family - basically a lot of challenges. 


To keep accountable, here is my starting measurements as of Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weight: 136
Bicep: 11.5
Triceps: 9
Chest: 34
Waist: 27
Hip: 39
Thigh: 23
Calf: 13

(Ok, I'm officially mortified)

I want to be open about my challenges, struggles and triumphs. I figure, if I can do this, so can anyone else. I will be posting once a week on my progress. I will share with you my weight loss, muscle gain (hopefully), my eating and everything in between.

I would LOVE to hear your healthy journey story - I will need encouragement and strength these coming weeks to continue on a good path!

Wish me and Stephen luck - here is to healthier living. 

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  1. So excited for you and Stephen as you start your "get fit" journey!! Can't wait to see how Revolt helps you, who knows, maybe I'll choose it later! :) Hope you're having a great week!

  2. Yay! I'm so excited that you guys are starting your getting healthy journey. Remember that it has to be a complete lifestyle change and you cant look back. I'm here fr you if you need an tips and tricks!

  3. Good luck dear, keep us posted on how it is going. You should give Quinoa a try. Adam and I substitute it a lot for rice and pasta (it's gluten free) and we both love it!

  4. I'm doing the Revolt challenge too! I'm ending day 3 and I feel the burn of the exercises for sure, but surprisingly cutting out all those foods isn't all that hard!

    I hope you guys are kicking butt!

  5. sounds pretty paleo-ish! good luck friend :)

  6. you guys will karate chop this!! lol..i hope you don't feel so mortified, because I was a tad mortified when I had some help getting measured for a dress I was ordering online last hips don't lie hahah. I've been calling them 49 inches! ahh


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