March 28, 2013

Guest Post from Heather at From Here to There

From here to there...
Hey y'all, I'm Heather and I spend most of my blogging time over at From Here to There.  There's really no point in telling you what I blog about because it's kind of super random and totally just whatever I feel like, but I can tell you what I don't blog about because that's easy: Babies, I don't have any.  Marriage, I'm not in one. So yeah, you'll probably find everything else.

I was super stoked when Clara asked me to guest post for a few reasons:
1. She's practically one of the sweetest people I've been honored to know
2. Flattery, who doesn't love some of that? I was flattered that she thought of me to guest post for her!
3. I love meeting new people and I'm assuming that since Clara likes me and I like Clara and y'all obviously like Clara too, then you'll probably like me and I'll probably like you, so hello new BFFs!

I know Clara is very open about her religion and Christianity on her blog, so I thought I would share something along those lines!

I've recently gotten in a really fabulous routine with my daily quiet times and the amount that God has been showing and revealing to me is unbelievable!  I know that I have been down the path countless times where I feel lost and feel like there is just NO way I could get back into a daily quiet time with God, but all that's a lie that Satan was telling me.  A few years back, I was having a really rough time spiritually, I had a beautiful friend give me a small book with daily devotionals that were about a minute long.  That book has been a life saver for me recently.  At the time, I don't think I took it to heart as much as I should have, but recently it's one of those things in the morning that I just must read!  It gives me inner-peace and helps me get through my days even when I don't have a large amount of time to spend with God.

Here is what my daily quiet time looks like:
1. I read that days Breaking Free devotional.
2. I use the L3 journal to read passages of scripture (which will get me through the bible in 1 year)
*The L3 journal is designed by my home church and it lists passages of scripture to read each day.  If you're interested in getting an L3 journal to help you in your walk with Christ or to have a guide for reading the bible in a year, feel free to e-mail me at*
3. I write out prayers in a prayer journal and spend time praying over prayer requests.

I strongly suggest having a prayer journal, it has already begun to transform my relationship with God and my prayer life!  Get something cute that you'll enjoy writing in.  Dedicate it solely to prayers and begin asking people what you can pray for.  As I read through blogs and stumble over a "tough" post from someone or remember that someone struggled with something before and it's possible they may struggle with it again, I'll add that person in my prayer journal. (For example: If I knew a woman had lost a baby at some point and then later she's pregnant and announces it on the blog, I'll add her to my prayer journal for a safe and healthy pregnancy and peace and comfort through that time because I'm sure it's going to be difficult to go through)

It's been my experience that as you begin to pray more often, God begins to reveal so many things to you.  I have had sins revealed that I never noticed before through prayer and when I realize them, I write them in my prayer journal for myself.

We are all at different stages of our Christianity or walk with God, but if I was going to give one piece of advice, it would be to start off with a solid communication of prayer with God.  He will transform your life through that.  Spend quality time with him and you'll be greatly rewarded, even when times are tough!

I have really enjoyed spending time with you lovely people and I hope that each of you were able to take something away from my post today.  Also, if you have a prayer request, feel free to e-mail me and I'd be happy to add you in!

Clara, thanks for having me girl!!  It was a pleasure as always! 

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