March 12, 2013

Hair ties {DIY}

I am IN LOVE with Emi- Jay  hair ties but never wanted to pay $15.00 for 5 of them. Seriously people, they just go in my hair!

So, a couple months back, I decided to make my own hair ties. I have think hair and got very tired of my hair snagging on my rubber bands. These elastic hair ties don't leave creases in my hair and don't damage 

You will need:
1. Fold over elastic ( I get my two types from here and here)
2. Ruler
3. Scissors
4. Lighter (to burn the ends for clean)

1. Measure out elastic to 9 inches. You may want to cut longer or shorter depending on your hair type. I found this length is best to fit around my wrist. Cut the elastic at a straight angle to help minimize frays. 

2. Wrap the elastic around your fingers to make a lose loop, then tighten to make a knot. Leave about 1/4" on the end. Try not to pull on the end so fraying doesn't occur. If then end is too long, you can always cut it off.

3. Take a lighter or match and quickly run it over then end to seal the lose ends in order to prevent fraying.

4. Make more!!

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  1. Pinning this immediately! Now I feel bad for paying so much for the hair ties I've bought! ha

  2. ahh! I'm so excited you showed how to do this. I love it:)


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